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Just for our favorite authors and publishers! 

Let us introduce you to our new partner, the book marketing mentor you’ve been waiting for!

946a79f8-42a2-43c9-94e1-4e2f7b16f195We just partnered with Adam Houge, a long time six-figure author and expert marketer, who recently put together a 100% free training program to show you how to launch your books like a six figure author. This is an over the shoulder look at the secret recipe to his success and how he’s distributed more than 2 million copies of his books. Every author NEEDS to know this, no matter where you’re at in your career. It’s short and to the point and I think you’ll love it!

This is What You’ll Learn:

  • Exactly how to launch your book to be a bestseller, step by step
  • Exactly how a book “sticks” on the all-important algorithms such as Kindle store rankings—so it doesn’t drop off into oblivion
  • 2 super simple concepts that will help you master your book marketing campaign
  • The 5 most important aspects of your book that you must optimize if you want to sell more
  • The 5 biggest mistakes authors don’t even know they make that can stagnate their career—and how to fix them immediately to grow your income to full-time and beyond

Lastly, Adam gives a swipe copy of his latest promotion that helped him distribute nearly 50,000 books on his free KDP days. This in turn caused his book to hit #1 in his genre when it went to paid and nearly 400 sales rank in the paid store.

The techniques in this FREE training are the same that many other indie authors are using to hit the New York Times and USA TODAY lists. So this can take you well beyond Amazon.

After this short training you’ll be able to get instant results with your next book launch. It’s completely free and Adam also has a Facebook group where other authors are coming together, helping each other, and getting results. You’ll also see Adam there, giving unlimited help and advice to everyone to guarantee that your next launch will show a major lift.

If you’ve ever wanted a mentor who can help you grow and succeed in your career as an author, I strongly recommend Adam, and this is your chance to connect with him, absolutely FREE!

You can get started right now by click on this link:

Thanks for reading, and I hope that what I have shared will prove useful for you.

—Steve Windwalker





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