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Connect for a week at a time with kids, their parents, and teachers who read and use Kindle Nation and our fast-growing Kids’ Corner subdomain via website, Facebook, newsletters, and a free excerpt from your book:

  • Your Kindle Kids eBook of the Week will be featured front and center on the Kids’ Corner website all week long (From mid-day Friday until Thursday night.)
  • Two full posts: an announcement and a substantial excerpt from your featured book will be posted on the Kids’ Corner and on the main Kindle Nation Daily website, with links on both sites’ Facebook pages.
  • Your Kindle Kids eBook of the Week will be featured front and center as sponsor of the Kids’ Corner and Kindle Nation Daily Young Adult category pages for free books, quality 99-cent books, and Kindle Lending Library books.
  • Your title will also be mentioned in weekly Kindle Nation WEEKENDER Newsletter and at least two Kindle Nation Daily Digest email blasts, and your free ebook excerpt will be a permanent post on our Kids’ Corner subdomain.

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To complete your sponsorship processing, please forward a copy of this email message to us at with

  • An e-copy of the entire book, as a review copy for us, in one of the following Kindle-compatible formats — MOBI, DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF — but NOT EPUB, AZW or DOC-X.
  • Selecting and Sending an Excerpt: For KOTW sponsorships, your excerpt should run 3500-7500 words. When sending an excerpt, please use a Word document – the more current DOC-X file format seems to work best for us. Please do NOT use MOBI, PDF, or AZW. Starting your excerpt at the beginning of your book is likely to provide your prospective readers — and buyers — with the most convenient and friction-free experience.

We reserve the right to reject any sponsorship, and we will refund a prospective sponsor’s full payment immediately upon making such a determination.
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