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Publetariat Dispatch: 7 Links To Understanding (And Finding) Beta Readers

In today’s Publetariat Dispatch, author Virginia Ripple shares resources for finding and working with beta readers. Perhaps one of the most daunting things I have yet to accomplish with  my current WIP, Apprentice Cat, is finding enough beta readers. I  imagine its a problem many of you have or will face, too. I’ve put  together […]

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Kindle Blog headcount approaches 5,000, but ... Readers? That's another story

Kindle Blog headcount approaches 5,000, but … Readers? That’s another story

The explosive growth of the Kindle Store’s Blog selection, following the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Publishing For Blogs Beta Program about ten days ago, continues apace. We’re approaching 5,000 as I post this morning, up from about 1,500 prior to the beta: Of course, nobody knows if any of the new blogs are gaining any […]

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