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Shake Rattle and Roll! Kindle Nation Citizens Quietly Flex Muscle

(This article appeared first as part of a Kindle Nation Daily “Around the Kindlesphere” post on November 7, 2010.)

By Steve Windwalker

We’re serious readers here, not the types to oil up on the beach and flex our muscles. But just in case you were wondering how much influence you and other Kindle Nation citizens have, and how much independent authors and publishers depend upon us to clear the sand away and support distinguished work by emerging authors, we have a few tidbits to report as of 4 pm EST Sunday 11.7.2010:
  • Today’s Kindle Nation Daily sponsor, J.M. Zambrano’s The Trophy Hunter, has climbed from #35,798 to #308 in the Kindle Store in the past 24 hours. This debut novel, still available for 89 cents with this link, is currently #2 on the Kindle Store Movers and Shakers list, #4 in Horror, and #18 in Women Sleuths.
  • Right behind Zambrano at #5 on the Movers and Shakers list (it was #2 earlier today) is the book that was featured this weekend in our Free Kindle Nation Shorts excerpting program, Scott Nicholson’s hilariously frightening As I Die Lying, currently up from #3,526 to #318 in the past 24 hours.
  • This is not new territory, of course, for Nicholson. Last weekend his KND sponsorship helped launch his new novel Disintegration, and since then the book has soared from #2,093 to #41 in the Kindle Store. Smart authors like Nicholson do plenty of other things to help get the word out about their books, of course, but it’s nice to know that those of us who just flat out love to read can play a role in making a book into a success. (By the way, watch this space for a forthcoming guest post by Scott Nicholson on steps that authors can take alongside their Kindle Nation sponsorships).
  • Other books that have had a nice ride lately with a little help from the citizens of Kindle Nation include Daniel Silver’s Cop: A Novel, Nirmala’s Living from the Heart, J.A. Konrath’s Shaken, L.J. Sellers’ The Sex Club, and many, many more.
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