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Just a few updates and tidbits to share with authors and publishers who check in on indieKindle today:

  • Please vote! Today! Early and Often!
  • If you noticed my post from Monday morning on Scott Nicholson’s DISINTEGRATION cracking the top 100, you’ll be happy to see that the trend continues, and DISINTEGRATION is now in the overall TOP 50 IN THE KINDLE STORE. And Scott has offered to do a guest post for us – coming to this space soon — on the other things that authors and indie publishers can do to make the most of the magic of a Kindle Nation Daily sponsorship. 
  • Along those lines, two things that I strongly suggest that any author or publish must focus on well in advance of a Kindle Nation sponsorship are CUSTOMER REVIEWS and PRICE. Er, excuse me, my CAP LOCK key was stuck. Kindle Nation readers are savvy and price-conscious and — as Amazon’s best customers — they pay attention to those stars and sometimes even to the reviews behind them. Nuff sed?
  • Thanks to folks who have signed up in the past few days for sponsorships at Kindle Nation and Planet iPad. There was an overwhelming response to the first indieKindle newsletter, but I do expect that, by the end of the day Wednesday Nov. 3, everyone who signed up in late October will have received a formal scheduling email.
  • A word about Planet iPad sponsorships: it is a relatively new blog, and we’re still seeing what kind of response we’ll get for sponsored books. We’ve run two, and one did better than I expected while the other didn’t do as well as I expected. Planet iPad traffic is running better than 15 percent of Kindle Nation traffic and ramping up, but it’s still very new. One way to hedge on the risk of a Planet iPad sponsorship is to try to a Kindle Nation eBook of the Day sponsorship, which includes a Planet iPad sponsorship. I’m not trying to upsell you; I’m just suggesting a way to avoid relying solely on the newer site’s traffic.
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