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Authors … Publishers … Entrepreneurs … eStributors?

By Steve Windwalker

Alongside the incredible explosion of opportunities that now exist in the relatively new world of direct publishing, it is increasingly important that indie authors think of ourselves as businesspeople or author-entrepreneurs who need to keep current with major trends in a book business that is changing in dramatic ways nearly every day. Since we also have other serious claims on our working time — the actual writing time foremost among them — it’s very helpful that there are resources like Joe Konrath’s and April Hamilton’s websites to help us keep up:

They are well worth bookmarking and checking a few times each week if you don’t already do so. And speaking of these juggling acts that are so challenging for authors, there’s a very interest exchange mainly between Joe and Dean Wesley Smith, in this April 3 post on Joe’s blog, about how indie authors should approach the process of hiring people to do some of the important jobs that used to be handled, back in olden times, by legacy publishers and agents. That part of the conversation is a good ways into a post that runs to about around 15,000 words, so if you want to focus on that conversation just go to the post and do a CTRL+F or APPLEKEY+F search for the word “estributors.”

Disclosure: I am fortunate to be able to count Joe and April both as colleagues and as friends, and I’m especially pleased that April has joined indieKindle, Kindle Nation, and Windwalker Media¬† recently as our general manager.

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