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Wanted: Book Reviewers for Indie Books

If you love to read and are willing to share strong, fair opinions about independently published fiction and nonfiction Kindle book editions, there are talented, serious authors who want to connect with you in order to help realize the powerful potential of the Kindle as a point of connection between indie authors and discriminating readers. In the same way that audience and artists have come together in the indie film and music movements, we can use the technology of the Kindle to throw off the shackles of the literary-industrial complex and build a community of readers, writers and indie publishers. But we need you.

If you would like to invite talented writers to share their work with you for occasional reviews, please send an email to stating your reading interests with :Wanted: Book Reviewers for Indie Books” in the subject line. It is not necessary that you own a Kindle, but if you do, please say so. We’ll try to help you connect with writers who are willing to send their work to you in digital form, but we will keep your email address confidential.

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