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“It’s Gold!” Monique Martin’s novels soar with Kindle Nation sponsorships

Monique Martin’s well-told tale “Out of Time,” this week’s Kindle Nation weekly sponsor, soars from #2,921 to #372 in K Store, #12 Mover+Shaker.  We know you’ll want this one on your Kindle — or new Kindle Fire.

“That is just ten kinds of awesome! I’ve even made it to the Bestsellers list for Romance on all of Amazon (ebook or not!). I can’t thank you enough. What an amazing promo you wrote for me. Would it be all right if I quoted it in future marketing? It’s GOLD! Thank you for everything. It’s an amazing feeling.”
–Monique Martin

Monique has continued to reap the benefits of Kindle Nation sponsorship for her highly rated sequel When the Walls Fell, which jumped from #2,677 to #601 in the Kindle Store with her sponsorship this week.

If you’d like to find out more about what a Kindle Nation sponsorship can do for you, check out these links:

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