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Do you know about Price Pulsing? Carolyn McCray does!

Carolyn McCray shares her secrets on Price Pulsing, a way to raise your rank by lowering your ebook price, then grab readers. As your rank rises, you go back to your original price (to improve your royalties) ending up with a better rank and more money now that you’ve been discovered by lots of new readers.  Here’s a snippet from Carolyn’s blog post:

This is how you Price Pulse:

  • Reduce price (most of the time to 99¢; however, for books in the upper price range of $7.99–9.99 a drop to $2.99 will have the same effect, although not as powerful)
  • Ride out this wave of sales.
  • At the “peak” or “crest,” switch back to the regular retail price.
  • Fall in ranking, but gain additional royalties, thanks to greatly increased discoverability.
  • Enjoy this benefit of increased internal recommendations for up to a month.
  • Prepare to do it again.

Read more on her Digital Book World piece HERE.

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