Big Three Decide To Share Numbers

You likely saw this piece in the New York Times about the big three publishers all “deciding” to share their data on books sold with their authors.  There had not been an easy or accurate way for authors to do this until very recently, thanks to Amazon providing it last year via BookScan.  Seems like everyone is pretending Amazon is NOT rewriting the rules, offering services and support authors need and want and thereby creating loyalty.   Big changes are happening and it’s not coming from legacy publishers.   Julie Bosman writes in The New York Times on Oct. 19, 2011:

In the absence of data from their publishers, many writers turn to Amazon, which last year began giving them access to data from Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 75 percent of print sales. This has helped forge stronger ties between Amazon and authors at a time when publishers are already feeling competitive pressure from Amazon’s plans to accelerate its own book publishing program.

Feels as if the Big Three have arrived a little late to the party.

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