Shadonna Richards shares her story.

“Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful review and the opportunity to be an Ebook of the Day sponsor. My sales rank so far today has climbed to #792 (from 109,000) overall and to the  #1 spot in the alternative medicine/Meditation list. I look forward to many more sponsorships in the future. You guys are awesome!”

–Shadonna Richards

Her inspirational title jumped from #108,997 to #792 overall in the Kindle Store with her first sponsorship in June 2011 and hit #1 in her nonfiction category.

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One Response to Shadonna Richards shares her story.

  1. Roberta E Morgan September 15, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    Your gift, partnered with the universe:
    My 11th book, LIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE is going through any transitions in my mind. From an age of traditional publishers and two bestsellers, I know find that partnering with Kindle on an e-book is the only logical way, given a designer who’s known for Ghostbusters and National Lampoon. Further, from there, having had my own imprint, with my degrees in Journalism and English, to become a Publisher, at first specializing in your line of how-to books and short articles of interest in many fields at low cost as a base. Many excellent e-zine short story writers would be next on my lists, pulling from their established popularity. Of course, all the while we would be putting great efforts into branding through social media network marketing. The key is publicity, keeping costs and costs of books low, until Stars break out, then gradually raising price. In fiction and nonfiction, nothing but excellence. Not literary and unapproachable, but think more of how Capote’s In Cold Blood launched whole genre of true crime and is still riveting today. There are new Capote’s. Our line, Ibis Media, will deal with them only. For that, the sheer excellence will bring reviews and fans.
    Final stage will be sets of books launching autodidacts on three BA-PhD’s degrees only guided by $100 book for all three degrees. A MA-PhD. And finally, a new degree for $250. EA, EB, EPHD. All other degrees must be finished in six years, no time off. This last one can take up to 15. The EA degree, of which Kindle/Ibis splits 50% of ultimate reward, means researching, inventing, and implementing something that will solve or evolve a nation, state, people, suffering from some problem, somewhere in the world. In all cases, no exams will be given, but final papers overseen by top educators will determine passing or failing of degree, though as far as evolution out of an underclass, actual degree hardly seems the point.
    In the case of the EA line, before invention, solution is implemented, student must assemble, with our help, world-based team of investigators.
    The goal of what will ultimately be called The Ibis Group is to use our technology and written skills to evolve, to use publishing as the original Gutenberg Press did–to change the world. Interested?

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