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THE SCOOP: Special Sponsored Posts on Kindle Nation Daily: How They Work

Option A Sponsorship

Special Sponsored Post with Facebook Triple Play (SSP-TP)

Just a few months ago we launched a new kind of sponsorship for authors and publishers on Kindle Nation — the Special Sponsored Post with Facebook Triple Play (SSP-TP) — and now that we have had a reasonable sample size of experience with it, it’s worth sharing the results and a few links to some of the posts that have been most effective.

Unlike most of our sponsorships which follow a fairly rigid template based on our readers’ expectations, the SSP-TP allows authors and publishers to create their own post, subject to our editing and approval.(If you prefer for us to create your post based on the information on a single title’s Kindle page, we’ll be happy to do that – just let us know.) The post appears on the Kindle Nation Daily website (173,000 page views a month) late on the afternoon of the first sponsorship date, goes out to over 4,000 paid subscribers’ Kindles, and is “amplified” via Facebook posts on Kindle Nation’s Facebook page (36,000+ fans) for three consecutive days beginning that same day, and is summarized and linked in our nightly Kindle Nation Daily Digest, which goes out to over 19,000 opt-in email subscribers, for those three days. The introductory price for this powerful sponsorship is still $179.99, and we still have availability beginning in February 2012.

You can see how the SSP-TP option has been working out for sponsors by visiting the link below and focusing on the results that are tagged SSP-TP in the “Type” column, but 22 of the last 27 sponsors (as of mid-November) have made big gains into higher positions in the top 5,000 in the overall Kindle Store sales rankings, 15 of those have landed in the top 3,000, and several have made it into the Kindle Movers & Shakers list.

Check Out Our Track Record for Sponsorship Results

Here are the basics, including a PayPal sign-up link, followed by links to effective sample posts:

Option A

Special Sponsored Post with Facebook Triple Play

For authors and publishers wanting to make a special announcement to our readers, this option allows a post of up to 500 words on the afternoon of the sponsored post date. Full text must be submitted by the sponsor for our review and approval upon sign-up and will be edited by Kindle Nation to conform with our style, tone, and – where applicable – editorial views. Post will be identified as a “sponsored post.” Posts may contain up to 6 linked titles in the Kindle Store (or other links subject to our approval), and may contain up to two small graphic images such as book covers or author photos. See below for links to effective sample posts.

Once you’ve signed up, just send us an email with a brief description of how you would like to use your Special Sponsored Post and the ideal date or dates you would like to schedule. In most cases, we’ll need a draft of your post within 48 hours after you sign up.

Availability in February 2012.


Our Price: $179.99

Important: Once you have signed up for a sponsorship, please visit our Kindle Nation Sponsorship Program – Landing Page for Sponsors to expedite the process of scheduling your sponsorship date(s).

Links to Effective Sample Posts:



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