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Embrace Your Boundaries

Today I want to talk about how having clear boundaries can HELP you gain momentum in three key areas:

  1. Your writing and creative work
  2. Publishing and sharing
  3. Engaging an audience

Boundaries are a gift to your creative work. Embrace your boundaries. Let’s dig in…

Why Boundaries Help

I’m sure you have very real boundaries. You may care for kids, have responsibilities to loved ones, work a day job, support an ailing family member, work through bouts of anxiety, and struggle to make ends meet. These challenges are real.

It’s easy to look at others and assume that they have the following things that you don’t have at the moment: money, resources, time, physical energy, mental space, confidence, and skills.

They don’t. These other people struggle with their own unique set of boundaries. It is helpful to remember that nearly all creative work is crafted this way: amidst limitations, lack of resources, and incredible amounts of pressure.

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