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Quick Link: 5 Essentials to Establish Before You Start Plotting (or Writing)

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At Writability, wordsmith Ava Jae has some basic things you might want to think about before you start your next story. For a pantser like me, this is pretty much what I start with, lol.

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5 Essentials to Establish Before You Start Plotting (or Writing)

By Ava Jae

So you have an inkling of a story idea with some vague images, lines, or concepts, and the time has come to turn that into a workable plot or (if you’re a pantser) a draft. But how do you turn a vague idea into a structured story? It starts with establishing some essentials before you dive into the plot.

(P.S.: As always, these are suggestions and I’m in no way suggesting it’s impossible to plot or pants without them. But establishing these upfront can certainly make the process a little smoother—and easier.)

  1. The basic premise. What is your book about? What elements does it involve? This is a pretty obvious starting point because it’d be difficult to start plotting or writing a book without a premise in mind. A general idea of the what is important as you get started—even if that what is still pretty vague, it helps to start here so you can flesh that out before you dive in.
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