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Beta readers are a great tool for success. They provide a fresh set of eyes to look over your manuscript and hopefully provide great feedback, so you can polish your story before putting it in front of agents or customers. But where to find them? The wonderful Shelly Hitz has got your back with a great post and podcast to tell you where to find these literary angels.

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7 Ways to Find Beta Readers and Reviewers for Your book

by Shelly Hitz

When you are publishing a new book, creating a Beta Group can be a great idea. But where do you find beta readers and reviewers for your book?

In today’s training, I’m going to share with you 7 ways to find beta readers and reviewers for your book.

Why We Need to Find Beta Readers and Reviewers?

Recently I was sharing how I’m using a beta group for this project, and it’s really been super helpful for me. You can find it here: 3 Ways to Use a Beta Group.

After I posted this on my YouTube channel I received a question.

“These are great tips and tricks, thank you so much for sharing, but I have a question. How do you find beta readers?”

My previous training was all about three ways beta readers can help you when you’re publishing your book, but it didn’t cover how to get the beta readers.

So, I thought in this training I would answer her question and share with you seven ways to find beta readers and reviewers for your book.

First I’m going to tell you what I did. I simply asked those that are already following me on Facebook if they wanted to be part of my beta group. I set a page where they could sign up to an email list.

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