Quick Link: Critique Groups: 6 Ways they May Hurt Your Writing…and 6 Ways they Can Help

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Are you a member of a critique group? Anne R. Allen thinks they are a great resource for all writers. She also has a few cautions as well so whether you are in a group or not, go check out her article. 

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Critique Groups: 6 Ways they May Hurt Your Writing…and 6 Ways they Can Help

Critique groups have their pros and cons.

Wine helps…

by Anne R. Allen

I often advise new writers to join critique groups. Groups are usually free and they’re a great way to learn the basics of the writing craft. They can get writers out of their “writing garrets” and help newbies navigate the treacherous waters of the ever-changing publishing industry.

But I also warn writers to be wary. Never take what you hear in critique groups or workshops as gospel. Groupthink can be dangerous. Petty tyrants often hold sway and the Dunning Kruger Effect can demonstrate itself on a regular basis. (That’s the scientific theory that the most ignorant people are usually the most confident.)

Even when you’ve found a wonderful critique group that seems knowledgeable, helpful and kind, they can sometimes steer you wrong, simply because of the nature of the group set-up. If your group reads work aloud, you’ll run into one set of problems. If you send copy ahead of time and red-pencil it, you’ll have another. The simple time-lapse can cause hassles too.

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