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Kindle Nation eBook of the Day Results Rock, Available in a Separate Spreadsheet; Availabilities in February

By Steve Windwalker
One thing that’s been exciting for us here at KND has been that our newest and least expensive form of sponsorship, the Kindle Nation Daily eBook of the Day, has recently been catching up with its more expensive alternatives when it comes to results for authors and publishers. I’ve just broken out a spreadsheet isolating the past 4 weeks’ KND-EBOD results and it is now public at We’ve added staff to help keep up with all of this, and we have availability as soon as February for KND-EBOD sponsorships.

One of the things that we’ve seen in the past month, as Rudy Kerkhoven suggested in his analysis above, is that the value of the same sales ranking as between, say, November and the present, has probably increased by a factor of 2 or 3 times. My hope is that by being totally transparent about sponsorship results we can help authors and publishers spend marketing dollars wisely, and also continue to play a role in helping to connect writers of distinction with the greatest readers in the world. (Pardon my sloganspeak, but what part of that is not true?) There are links to results for all of our different sponsorship offerings at the top of our Sponsorship Info Page at

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