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Stand out from the crowd and connect directly with subscribers with an email blast that features only your book and includes a substantial excerpt. Your Kindle buy link is featured prominently in the email, and we’ll even include a link and cover image for one or two other books by you where applicable. It’s the perfect way for the best readers in the world to sample your work and, if they like it, buy the book.

NEXT STEP: Selecting and Sending an Excerpt

To complete the process after you have booked and paid for your promotion, please send an email message to us at and attach your excerpt, carefully following these instructions:

We recommend at least 5,000 words and no more than 20,000. Please use a DOC or DOC-X file if possible; do NOT use MOBI, PDF, or AZW. Starting your excerpt at the beginning of your book is likely to provide prospective readers with the most convenient and friction-free experience. Please keep the formatting simple and be sure to reference your book title in the name of the Word doc.

Here’s a partial sample of a recent promotion to give you an idea what to expect:







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No entry is necessary here, since we routinely draw heavily from your Kindle book and author pages in preparing our copy, and we urge you to make sure that that information is accurate and up to date. However, if there is any additional information you want us to have, you may feel free to enter it here.