Special Price: $119.99

Special Eligibility Requirements: Minimum 4.0 Star Rating on 10 or more reviews; minimum length 125 pages; eBook and cover must be appropriate for inclusion in emails; maximum eBook price $1.99.

Your book will be listed as the sponsor of BookGorilla’s Amazon Giveaway sweepstakes for a single day, and as such will be featured in that day’s alert on BookGorilla, in a web and Facebook post on Kindle Nation Daily, and in that afternoon’s Kindle Nation Daily Digest email.

Equally important, we’ll require that sweepstakes participants click to “FOLLOW” your Amazon Author Central page as a requirement for entry. On average, that will add anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000  followers to your Amazon Author Central page the first time, with significant additions on subsequent sponsorships.

Click here for recent results showing how many people signed up to follow our sponsoring authors’ Amazon Author Central pages. (We provide the exact total of giveaway entries as shown by Amazon on our Amazon Giveaways Dashboard page. Each of these people was required to follow the applicable Amazon Author Central page, so we believe we can extrapolate, conservatively, that on an author’s first use of this sponsorship, 95% of this group would have subscribed anew to the applicable Amazon Author Central page.)






(We’re so confident that you will receive thousands of new followers that we offer this guarantee: on your request, we will refund a prorated portion of your sponsorship cost for any shortfall below 3,000 participants in the giveaway that you sponsor. For example, if your sponsored giveaway has only 2,700 participants, we will, on your request, refund 10% of your sponsorship cost.)


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No entry is necessary here, since we routinely draw heavily from your Kindle book and author pages in preparing our copy, and we urge you to make sure that that information is accurate and up to date. However, if there is any additional information you want us to have, you may feel free to enter it here.

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