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Publetariat Dispatch: Simple Steps to a Successful KDP Select Free Promotion

In today’s Publetariat Dispatch, author M. Louisa Locke shares her experiences in running a successful KDP Select campaign.  If you have read my previous posts on Amazon’s KDP Select Program,  you will already know that I joined this program primarily for the five  free promotional days Amazon gives you in exchange for selling your  ebook […]

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Q&A about the Kindle Fire

If you have questions about the new Kindle Fire like we do, don’t miss this piece in the the Seattle Times by Brier Dudley, where Amazon Kindle Vice President, Dave Limp talks about what the Kindle Fire will and won’t do.  Here’s one about email I’d been pondering. Q: Will the Fire be used for productivity […]

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Big Three Decide To Share Numbers

You likely saw this piece in the New York Times about the big three publishers all “deciding” to share their data on books sold with their authors.  There had not been an easy or accurate way for authors to do this until very recently, thanks to Amazon providing it last year via BookScan.  Seems like […]

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