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Very early each morning Amazon announces a “Kindle Daily Deal” – usually a listing of an intriguing title with a discount of 50 to 90% off the usual Kindle Store price. We announce the deal with a post for over 178,000 followers of Kindle Nation and our Kindle Fire at Kindle Nation Daily site. Your Kindle Daily Deal Sponsorship (Option KDD) allows you and your book to sponsor the announcement post. Here’s a link to an example of a recent Kindle Daily Deal post, sponsored by Dara England’s title Love by the Book, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Like our Free Book Alert posts, our Kindle Daily Deal posts are becoming very popular with our readers, and by listing your title prominently as the post sponsor we can help you get exposure for your Kindle book. This sponsorship is our least expensive entry-level sponsorship, and will generally be most effective for books priced below $2, since they will be juxtaposed with titles discounted deeply by Amazon.

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We reserve the right to reject any sponsorship, and we will refund a prospective sponsor’s full payment immediately upon making such a determination.

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