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With our SSP-TP sponsorship we can create your post or you can create your own, subject to our editing and approval. This is perfect for authors who want to highlight a series or be in control of their message. 

Of course, most authors prefer for us to create their post, and that’s fine. If you would like us to create your post for you, then you are all done.

If you choose to create your own post you may include:
  • Text of up to 500 words
  • Up to 6 linked titles in the kindle store or other links such as your author site or Twitter handle
  • Up to two small graphic images such as additional book covers or author photos. Your sponsorship book cover is already included.

Full text must be submitted for our review and will be edited by Kindle Nation to conform with our style, tone, and and – where applicable – editorial views. Post will be identified as a “sponsored post.”

 Your post will appear on the Kindle Nation Daily website late on the afternoon of the first sponsorship date, and is “amplified” via Facebook posts on Kindle Nation’s Facebook page for three consecutive days beginning that same day. Additionally, for those three days your book is summarized and linked in our email newsletter Kindle Nation Daily Digest, for a daily combined reach of 178,000 followers.

If you would like to create your own post, then include a brief description of how you would like to use your Special Sponsored Post in the notes section of the sponsorship purchase form. Then please forward your sponsorship confirmation email with your post information and any photographs to In most cases, we’ll need a draft of your post within 48 hours after you complete your sponsorship purchase.

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