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Q&A: Our policy concerning “our review” and “promotional copy” of titles on our website and alerts

Q. Thanks to Brandon, an author who wrote in with this question: With your sponsorship program you ask for the book file for review. Can the review you supply be used/quoted for marketing/promoting purposes by the author? Is it similar to how the Kirkus Review or San Francisco Book Review works?

A. Hi Brandon,

Thanks for checking in. Alas, sorry for any confusion, but “our review” refers only to the fact that we vet books to ensure that they are appropriate for our website and mailing lists. We request a review copy for this purpose only. We have a policy generally against offering reviews beyond the copy that we write for these purposes, since such reviews would in effect be for authors who are in many cases paying for our promotional services, and we prefer to keep a clear line to protect from conflicts of interest.

But any author or  publisher can certainly feel free to quote from our website or email alerts, with appropriate attribution and link.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Steve


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