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During the past few years we have built the community that we call “Kindle Nation” into the largest and most influential independent community of Kindle enthusiasts and ebook readers on the web. We are in touch with over 178,500 Kindle owners every day via web posts, email blasts, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, with our sponsorship programs, we are offering you the opportunity to connect directly with our readers.

We can help you gain exposure.

While the ultimate success of your book is up to you, you can see from the sponsorship results experienced by hundreds of other authors that our sponsorship program can expose you to potential readers and customers that are in your target audience. (Click or tap here to see Kindle Nation Daily Sponsorship Results.)

Sponsorship Benefits

  • We connect with over 178,000 motivated readers every day — the greatest readers in the world. Our posts are never “noise” to them, because they have proven day in and day out that they are all about connecting with authors of distinction
  • Use our Free ebookTracker tool to keep track of your sales rankings without having to check your screen hour after hour, and enter all your titles there so that our database will pick them up quickly if they become eligible for special lists like our Free Book Search Tool, Quality 99-Centers lists, or Kindle Lending Library lists
  • Get the exposure you need to make your book a success
  • Use PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” Financing so you can book your sponsorships in advance and pay later, or use any major credit card if you prefer


What other authors are saying about their sponsorship experience:

Starlight Wedding
Frank Thomas, Starlight Wedding
"My promotion is still running but so far it has been a smashing success. I am promoting on facebook and twitter and even other sites but being the weekly Kindle giveaway sponsor has formed the base for my countdown deal and every time I am featured I get a great spike in buyers and there is still another day left! And my ranking got down to #63 in Romantic Comedy today which is a tough category. And I broke the top 1000 to get in the 600's in all of Amazon books from a starting place in the 30,000's.
I will definitely be using KND as many times as I am allowed for this and all books in the future and I look forward to seeing where things end up at the end of my countdown deal."
Frank Thomas
Lee Chambers, The Pineville Heist
Jumped from #188,423 to #3 for all books right alongside ‘The Hunger Games’ in the paid store with over 13,000 downloads. It was also the #1 Thriller and #1 Children’s Mystery using the Special Sponsored Post with Facebook Triple Play (SSP/TP).
"In the eight hours after going back to the paid store, I sold more books than I did in the entire 8 months since I launched my book on Amazon. Combined. That includes all the other vendors and paperback sales. That’s some pretty powerful stuff. All in all, you still need a good book and good cover image. You need loyal fans that will give you good reviews and ratings so your core audience will take a chance on finding the next great indie writer!"
- Lee Chambers, author of The Pineville Heist
"My book is the ebook of the day today (The Wolfe). As always, sales have been sparked. This book has sold OVER 3,000 copies this month alone - and the month isn't over yet. It was in Amazon's top 100 Hot new releases, in the top 10, for about two weeks. That was really a remarkable boost for sales! I have advertised several novels with Kindle Nation and I really love and appreciate how you help Indie authors get the word out. Thank you again for all of the wonderful work you do, for both authors and readers!!! Keep it up!!!"
- Kathryn Le Veque
"There's nothing quite like seeing something you've worked hard on rising to the Top 100 in the Kindle Store. We've promoted several of our apps with Kindle Nation Daily. Results included - 2013: Going from #3,042 to #60 Sales Rank in Kindle Fire App Store. 2011: Going from newly launched with no sales rank to Top 40 in Kindle Fire App Store. This led to customer awareness and the app rising to #23 and staying in Top 100 for months. 2011: Going from newly launched to #20 in Kindle Store. This then led to Amazon mentioning the App on Facebook and the #1 spot in the Kindle Store and the App stayed at #1 for weeks. 2011: Going from newly launched to #5 in Kindle Store. Kindle Nation Daily readers really are, as Steve puts it, the greatest readers in the world." --Abhi Singh, Seven Dragons
Leigh Byrne, Call Me Tuesday
Just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my sponsorship. I was very pleased with the layout and the results were great! My sales needed a boost and the sponsorship helped out tremendously! I have done various forms of advertising and I can tell you that this was the most successful! I will certainly be using your service again in the future.
-Leigh Byrne
R.P. Dahlke, A Dangerous Harbor
Jumped to #1 among all free titles in the Kindle store with her first FBH sponsorship for just $29.99 in April 2012, and jumped from about #21,000 to the Top 500 for the next five days among paid Kindle titles.
"After a year of trying different combinations of promotion that didn't cost me anything, Kindle Nation Daily is the first paid promo I've done. On April 13th A Dangerous Harbor was picked up by over 25,000 readers on Amazon. The results, I believe, are due to Kindle Nation Daily. Thanks! I'm speaking at our local Sisters in Crime meeting in June, recapping all the best places to advertise, and Kindle Nation Daily is #1 for paid promos. I've already set up two more promos for later this summer. Excellent results are the pay-off!"
--R.P. Dahlke, author of A Dangerous Harbor
Melissa Foster, CHASING AMANDA
Melissa Foster, CHASING AMANDA
CHASING AMANDA jumped from #20,140 to #824 overall in the Kindle Store with her first sponsorship in August 2011.

"With three books to market and more on the way, there's only one place to turn for guaranteed results--Kindle Nation Daily has my vote for the best results producing sponsorship ads around." 
--Melissa Foster 
Sharon Potts - South Beach Cinderella
Jumped from #2,599 to #747 overall in the Kindle Store with her first sponsorship in September 2011.

"Thank you, thank you! So far the results have been amazing. In just a few hours, SOUTH BEACH CINDERELLA has sold over 50 e-books. Your program is the best one out there. I'm planning on launching my next work of contemporary fiction in late October, early November. I'd love to get on the schedule for another sponsorship. I see the schedule's pretty booked up--understandably so. Thanks again for everything."
--Sharon Potts
Shadonna Richards - Think & Be Happy
Shadonna Richards, THINK AND BE HAPPY
Her inspirational title jumped from #108,997 to #792 overall in the Kindle Store with her first sponsorship in June 2011 and hit #1 in her nonfiction category.

"Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful review and the opportunity to be an Ebook of the Day sponsor. My sales rank so far today has climbed to #792 (from 109,000) overall and to the #1 spot in the alternative medicine/Meditation list. I look forward to many more sponsorships in the future. You guys are awesome!"
--Shadonna Richards
Simon Royle - TAG
Simon Royle, TAG
Jumped from #57,348 to #742 overall in the Kindle Store with his first sponsorship in December 2010.

"Amazing result! 71 books sold @2.99 and they're still ticking over, albeit slower than yesterday. The first few hours between 8:30pm and midnight PST sold 16 books; then between 5am and now sold the rest. Ranking went from 58,000 to 820. In technothrillers my preferred category I am now in top ten. Very impressed. I know what I'm doing as soon as the ink is dry on my next book; pinging your email for a reservation of a spot or two 🙂
Warmest regards, Simon Royle"
Monique Martin - Out of Time
Monique Martin, OUT OF TIME
On September 15, 2010 we tweeted: Monique Martin's well-told tale "Out of Time," this week's Kindle Nation weekly sponsor, soars from #2,921 to #372 in K Store, #12 Mover+Shaker

"That is just ten kinds of awesome! I've even made it to the Bestsellers list for Romance on all of Amazon (ebook or not!). I can't thank you enough. What an amazing promo you wrote for me. Would it be all right if I quoted it in future marketing? It's GOLD! Thank you for everything. It's an amazing feeling."
--Monique Martin
Darcie Chan - The Mill River Recluse
Jumped from #247 to #41 overall in the Kindle Store with her first sponsorship in July 2011, and from #6 to #4 with her second in September. Both sponsorships brought her into the top 20 on the Kindle Movers & Shakers list. Has it been fun?

"Fun, yes...also completely unexpected, shocking, and surreal! And, Kindle Nation has certainly given me some huge boosts along the way -- thank you!! I'm not sure where this is headed, but I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts!"--Darcie Chan
Kathleen Shoop - The Last Letter
Kathleen Shoop, THE LAST LETTER
Jumped from #531 to #192 overall in the Kindle Store with her first Free Kindle Nation Shorts excerpt in July 2011, the cracked the top 100 at #63 as eBook of the Day in August.

"Your work is so valuable to me and I appreciate the support more than words can say."
--Kathleen Shoop
Richard Bard - Brain Rush
Richard Bard, BRAINRUSH
Rose from #1,545 to #306 with the first of several successful sponsorships in the summer of 2011.

"I'm blown away. I didn't even know there WAS a movers & shakers list. I wish I'd taken a screenshot while it was still there! Thanks very much, Steve!"
--Richard Bard
Terri Giuliano Long - In Leah's Wake
Terri Giuliano Long, IN LEAH’S WAKE
Jumped from #515 to #100 overall in the Kindle Store with her Special Sponsored Post (SSP-TP, Option A) in September 2011.

"The ad has had phenomenal results! In Leah's Wake has dropped to #267 tonight! Do you have any other dates available in the next few weeks?"
--Terri Giuliano Long
Starlight Wedding Melissa Foster, CHASING AMANDA Sharon Potts - South Beach Cinderella Shadonna Richards - Think & Be Happy Simon Royle - TAG Monique Martin - Out of Time Darcie Chan - The Mill River Recluse Kathleen Shoop - The Last Letter Richard Bard - Brain Rush Terri Giuliano Long - In Leah's Wake

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