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Post-Holiday Price Cuts!

Save Up to 50% or $70 Each On Select Kindle Nation Sponsorships!

Happy New Year from Kindle Nation,

We’ve all been saying “Happy New Year” to total strangers for the past few days, but we have made a real new Year’s Resolution to try to make you and all of our regular Kindle Nation sponsors especially happy this year, and here’s what we are doing about it, for starters.

For a limited time, we’re offering price reductions of up to 50% — or $70 each! — off the regular price of some of our most popular KND sponsorships and packages!

Just click on any of the four bulleted links above for the details, and if you’d like to check on what each of these packages and sponsorships is all about, just click here to check all the details on all of our popular sponsorship options and packages.

Most of our sponsorships are currently booked solid through anywhere from mid-February to mid-April, and these price reductions are temporary, so please don’t delay if you’re looking for a sweet combination of great pricing and select dates.

Best Wishes for a Glorious 2013!
Steve Windwalker and the team at Kindle Nation
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